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In collaboration with ‘Het Wijnhuis Antwerpen’ we’ve selected our three favorite wines that we’d love for you to experience.

Italian – ‘98 Punti Luca Maroni Zinfandel

Deep ruby red color with dark shades. Intense, ripe nose of forest fruits and other black fruits with hints of pepper, spices and chocolate. A juicy and luscious attack that ends in a swirling flavor explosion. Wonderfully smooth structure and an impressive finish that keeps the pallet intoxicating for a while. Dangerously delicious!

Spanish - 2019 Rueda Demimo Verdejo

Fresh nose with the typical Verdejo characteristics. Exotic fruits such as peach, lychee and other candied fruit accompanied by fresh spicy notes such as dill and anise. Tasty and well-balanced, while dry. The lingering aftertaste confirms this beautiful balance.

French - 2019 Florie Rosé De GRIS Vin de Pays de Méditerranée 

The combination of Grenache, Cinsault and Caladoc creates a light, smooth wine with a beautiful salmon pink color. Seductive berries with round and fruity aromas in the nose. In the mouth it is smooth, lively, refreshing and above all dangerously tasty. The medium long finish confirms its charming and friendly character. Your regular companion on warm, balmy summer days.


We chose to work with Jacquart Champagne because we love that it’s such an elegant champagne, yet so hard to get.

Champagne Jacquart Mosaïque Brut

Satin pale yellow with golden nuances and jade highlights. Fine bubbles herald a fresh and fairly rich Champagne. Flowery scents of honeyed, honeysuckle petals, fruit aromas of crushed pear, candied lemon and peach, and soft, creamy notes with biscuit and fresh bread crust unfurl on first pour. Fleshy, fruit-driven weight develops on the palate which is forthright, ethereal and generous.

Champagne Jacquart Mosaïque Rosé 

Salmon hue supported by orangey-pink nuances with rose petal highlights.The nose offers up subtle suggestions of fruit notes on first pour, showing wild strawberries, bush peach and kumquats. Dense, lush, fleshy red and black fruits develop on the palate, adding some indulgent flavours but also a crunchy sensation. A slender finish underpinned by iodine-like perfumes delivers savoury freshness and full-bodied saline flavours.

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